Stoke City looks to complete signing of Charlie Adam on Thursday afternoon – report

The Premier League leaders are ready to complete the signing of the goalkeeper on Thursday.
The club has already signed the goalkeeper for the next season, but the club is not yet ready to confirm the signing.
However, the club’s head coach, Mauricio Pochettino, has already confirmed that the signing will be made.
“We’ll do it on Thursday,” he said.
It is worth noting that the goalkeeper will not be the only signing. The club has also signed the defender and the striker.

The goalkeeper will join the squad of Mauricio, who is also ready to sign the goalkeeper.
Newcastle and Southampton are also ready for the signing, but it is not known whether the club will be able to complete it.
Tottenham is also expected to complete a signing, because the club has not yet decided on the number of players who will be allowed to leave the club.
After the Tottenham’ players left the club, the management said that the club would not be able finish the season in the top-4.
This is why the club decided to sign a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper will be a good addition to the squad, because it will be possible to strengthen the team in the middle of the season.
In the Premier League, Stoke City looks like the team that will be the most likely to finish in the 4th position.
If the club can finish in this position, then it will become the first club in the English championship.
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Manchester United and Manchester City are the main favorites of the current season. The teams have a lot of chances to win the title.
They have a good lineup and are able to use the game of their rivals.
At the same time, the team needs to improve the results in the matches against the weaker teams.
One of the main problems of the team is the lack of motivation.
Therefore, the players often do not show their best game.
That is why, the leaders of the club are not able to achieve the desired results. This is why they will have to rely on the results from the games against the outsiders.
But, the main problem of the Manchester United is that it does not have a stable lineup.
Due to this fact, the game is not always easy for the team.
A good example of this is the match against Liverpool.
Liverpool has a good roster, but despite this, the Red Devils cannot find a way to win.
As a result, the match ended in a draw.
Despite the fact that the game was not easy for Manchester United, the coach managed to win a place in the Champions league.
Such a result is a real victory for the club and a good result for the fans.
What to expect from the team?
The main goal of the Red devils is to finish the current championship in the first position. However, the season is not over yet.
Of course, the Champions will be an additional goal for the leaders.
Other teams will also be able fight for the title, but they will not have the same chances as the Red.
Will the team be able win the Champions?
This depends on the performance of the leaders, as well as the performance in the remaining matches. However it is worth mentioning that the team has a lot to improve.

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