Pellegrini on ‘Cholito’ Aguero

Pellegrini on ‘Cholito’ Aguero’s future

The summer transfer window is in full swing and already a few players have already left the club. The main transfer of the summer is the acquisition of the “Champions” Aguero. The player has already become a real star of the Italian national team and is a key player in the team.
The transfer of “Aguero” from Inter to Juventus was a real surprise and the fans were expecting a lot from the player.
However, the transfer of this player has not been so successful. The transfer of Aguero cost about 50 million euros and it is obvious that the club did not want to pay such a high price for a player. The club is now trying to find a solution to the problem and the transfer is being actively discussed.

The club is trying to buy the player in all the possible ways. The first option is to buy him from Inter. The second option is buying him from the Aguero family. The third option is the sale of Aguera to another club.
There are a lot of rumors about the transfer and the club is still trying to sort out all the problems. It is obvious, that the transfer will be a real success and will please the fans.
It is also worth noting, that Juventus is one of the main clubs of the Serie A and it will be interesting to watch the transfer. The team has a lot to offer and the new player will be able to show his capabilities.
Who will be the next star of Italian football?
The team has many stars in its lineup and the main one of them is the striker of the team, who is called the ‘Champion’. The striker has already scored a lot and is one the main leaders of the club in the Serie a.
In the summer, the club bought the striker from Inter, who has already impressed the fans with his performance. The new striker will be called “Lucas” and he will be joined by the young and talented players of the squad.
“Luca” is a player who is able to score a lot. The young striker has a good technique and is able score from any position on the field. The “Juventus” striker is able not only to score, but also to make an important pass.
This is a good thing for the team and the striker will help the team to achieve its goals. The fans can expect a lot, because the team has the potential to become a really great team. The players of ‘Juventus’” are able to create a lot on the football field and they are also able to make a good pass. This is a really good thing and the team is able achieve a lot in the season.
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Championship football results of the season
The season of the championship of Italy has already ended, and the results of it are already available. The championship of the country is very interesting and is always a favorite among fans. The season of Serie A ended, but the results are already being published.
At the end of the first round of the new championship, Juventus won the title. The victory was not easy, because Inter had a good game and managed to take the first place. The game of the two teams was very tense and the game ended in a draw.
After the game, the fans of the teams were very happy. The teams were able to achieve a good result and the championship was won by Juventus. The defeat of Inter was a big blow to the club and the victory was a great result for the club, because it is now the champion of Italy.
Now, the team needs to improve its results, because now it is the first time that Juventus has not won the championship. The previous time, the Turin club won the champion title.
You can always follow the championship results on the website that provides information about football. Here, you will find only verified information and the information is updated live.
Latest Serie A results
The championship of Serie a is one in which the teams have to play very serious and intense matches. The games are very important for the teams, because they can decide the champion titles.
Juventus was the first team of the tournament to win the champion’s title. This victory was very important, because this is the third time that the team won the tournament.
Despite the fact that Inter won the first game of their series, the defeat of the Turineses was a blow to them. The loss of points is a real problem for the Turinese club. Now, the first victory of the year is a great success for the players and the coach.
During the season, the teams played a lot because the championship is very important. The clubs have to decide who will be champion of the world. The results of Seriea are available on the sports statistics website.
All the latest results of Juventus
The Juventus team has already won the Champions League twice and the previous champion title, so the club has a long way to go.

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