Griezmann: I’d take a pay cut to join Bayern

Athletic Bilbao coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has already stated that he would be willing to take a cut of his salary if he were to join the team.
The Spanish coach has already revealed that he is ready to take on the role of a mentor to the players, and it is now up to him to decide if he will take a salary cut.
Griezman, who has been playing for the club for a few years, has been a mainstay of the team, and he has already managed to become a key player in the team’s lineup.
In the summer, the player joined the team on a free transfer, and this has already brought him a number of important trophies.
Now, he is trying to prove that he can also become a leader of the club, and the team has already invited him to the training camp, where he will be able to demonstrate his skills.
However, the main thing is that the player is ready for the challenge, and if he decides to take the pay cut, it will be a real honor for him.

The player has already received a number awards for his achievements at the club. In the summer of 2013, he won the Spanish championship, and in the summer last year, he became the champion of Spain once again.
He also managed to take part in the Champions League, where the team was eliminated in the first round.
It is now time for the player to prove to the fans that he deserves to be considered one of the main stars of the Spanish league, and that he will not stop until he becomes the best player in Europe.
You can always follow the progress of Griezman at the website of sports statistics.
Latest news on the livescore
The season of the Champions league has already ended, and now it is time for us to look at the results of the tournament.
This time, the favorites of the final tournament were the team of Real Madrid.
They won all the matches they played, and they were able to do it thanks to the following factors:
1. Excellent teamwork.
2. Excellent game of the leaders.
3. Good selection of players on the field.
4. Good teamwork between the leaders and the substitutes.
5. Good game of Cristiano Ronaldo.
6. Good performance of the defense.
7. Good results of Barcelona.
All this together led to the victory of the Madrid team. The club has already won the title for the first time in the club’ history, and its fans are now hoping that it will repeat the success in the future.
At the moment, the club is in a good shape, and there is no doubt that it can become the champion in the next season.
Follow the livescores of the matches of the championship of Spain on the website. Here, you can always find the latest news from the world of your favorite sports.
Live football scores
The football season is in full swing, and fans from all over the world are looking forward to the new season. This time, it is the Champions football tournament that will be held.
Of course, the favorite of the competition is Real Madrid, which has already gained a lot of points in the season. However, the team is not the only one that will try to win the title.
There are other clubs that are also trying to win gold medals, but they are not the main favorites of this tournament. Among them are:
* Barcelona;
* Manchester City;
* Bayern;
* Juventus.
Each of these clubs is trying hard to win a place in the top-4, and each of them has a good lineup. However this time, they are trying to do their best without the help of the other clubs.
That is why it is very important for the fans to follow the lives scores of the competitions. Here you can find the results from the matches that are held at the moment.
Main favorites of La Liga
The new season of La liga has already begun, and many teams are trying their best to win their places in the elite of the European football.
Among the favorites are: Barcelona; Real Madrid; Valencia; Atletico; Sevilla; Granada; Valencia again. However it is difficult to say that all of them will be the main contenders for the title this time.
For example, the Catalans are not in the best shape, but the team still has a chance to win.
Moreover, the fans of the Blau Granas are also hoping for the victory, because they have already won a number titles.
Real Madrid is another team that is trying its best to become the main contender for the champion title. However the team does not have the best lineup, and even if Cristiano has been able to show his best game, the Madrid club still has many problems.
Despite this, the players of the Royal club are trying hard, and everyone knows that they will not give up.
If they manage to win, it would be a great result for them, because the team needs to win in order to be able win the next year’ championship.

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