Arsenal fans react to deadline day signing Lacazette

The French club has already managed to sign the player, who will join the team for the next season. The new acquisition will be able to strengthen the attack of the team, which was already quite weak.
The club has also signed the goalkeeper, who is expected to become a real asset for the team. The transfer of the player is a good sign for the fans, because it means that the team will be more focused on the Champions League.
However, the team still needs to strengthen its defense, and Lacazete will be a good addition to the team’s lineup. The French player is quite young, so he will have time to develop and become a good player.

The transfer of Lacazetté is a great sign for French football, because the team needs to improve its game. The team has a long way to go to the next stage, so it is necessary to strengthen it.
Lacazette’ transfer is a positive one for the club, because now it will be possible to have a more balanced lineup. This will allow the team to play better and win trophies.
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Live football results of the championship of France
The start of the new championship of the country is always a busy time for the French football fans. The teams of the French national team have already played in the Champions Cup, but the results of their games were not so successful.
This time, the French team is not in the best shape, so they are not able to compete with the leaders of the tournament. However, the start of this season is a real opportunity to improve the results.
In the first rounds, the main contenders for victory are Lyon and Bordeaux. However the team of the Lyon club is not at its best, so the team can not compete with its rivals.
Bordeaux is not the only team that is not so confident. Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse are also not in their best shape.
It is also worth noting that the leaders are not the best in the championship. So, it is possible that the French teams will not be able compete for gold medals.
But the start is a chance for the teams to improve their results. The tournament is not over yet, so we can expect a lot of interesting matches in the near future.
Latest news on the French championship
The championship of French football is very busy, and the start was not a good one for many teams. However it is worth noting the following teams that can compete for the victory in the tournament:
* Lyon;
* Bordeux;
* Marseille;
* Toulousain;
These teams have a long tournament distance ahead. The start of a new championship is a special opportunity for the clubs to improve results. Now, they can focus on the next round.
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All the latest livescore results of football matches
The season of the Champions league is over, and it is time for another round. The football fans have already seen the results from the matches, where the leaders have lost points.
Now, it’ s time for a new round of the competition, because all the teams have already reached the final stage. The leaders of this tournament are:
• Barcelona;
• Manchester City;
• Real Madrid;
The new season of football is a very busy time, because there are a lot more matches ahead. Fans can follow live football results on the site of sports statistical. Here the information about the matches is updated live, which is very convenient for the users.
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Main results of Spanish championship
In summer, Barcelona and Real Madrid began the new season. Now the teams are ready to fight for the champion title. The first matches of this championship were not successful for the leaders, so now they need to improve.
Barcelona is not a team that can be called a favorite in the Spanish championship. The Catalans are not a real contender for victory in this tournament. The main contenders are: ​​Real Madrid; ​ ​Barcelona; ​ Valencia; ​Villarreal.
These clubs have a very long tournament ahead. They have already met in the final, so their results are not so good. However they are still a real threat to the leaders.
If the leaders lose points in the matches against the outsiders, then they will not have enough strength to win the champion’ title.
Spanish championship live scores
The main event of the season is the start match of the Spanish Championship. The game will be held in the Camp Nou, and fans can watch it on the live score.
Real Madrid has already played against Barcelona, and they lost a lot.

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