Janssen ready to be Tottenham’s main striker

Johan Djourou has already scored for Ajax in the Champions League, but he is not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of the main striker of Tottenham.
The club has a number of options, but it is the Portuguese who is the most likely to be chosen.
Djourou is a good player, but the club needs to find a suitable partner for him. He is a player that can become a great addition to the lineup, but also a good replacement for the injured Bale.
It is important for the club to find someone who can replace the striker who has already managed to score a lot of goals for the team.

The player is able to do this, because he is able not only to score, but to make several assists as well.
This is what makes him a good option for the Spurs. He has a good understanding with the players, and he knows exactly what to do in order to get the most out of each match.
He is able, for example, to make a long pass to the right area of the field, and the ball is then quickly returned to the left side of the pitch.
In the current season, the club is in the middle of the Champions’ League and the Europa League, so it is very important for Tottenham to have a player who can make the most of each game.
Janssens’s potential
Johannes Janssen is another player who is able and willing to do just that.
Despite his young age, the player has already become a good example for the players. He was able to score many goals for Ajax, and his performance in the Eredivisie was also very good.
However, the most important thing for the player is to continue to improve his game, and this is what the club can count on from the young player.
After the start of the season, it is important to note that the player’ll be able to decide the fate of the club in the next season.
If he is chosen for the first line, then the club will have a good chance of getting into the Champions’ League. If he is left out of the lineup and the club does not succeed in getting into one of the top divisions, then it will be very difficult for the young man to get into the first team. However, the chances of the player are high, because the club has already shown that it is ready to give its all to get a good result.
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Team’ s chances of winning the Europa Cup
The current season of the Europa’ Cup has already been quite successful for the Royal Blues.
They managed to win the tournament, and they will definitely be able not to lose points in the future.
There is still a long way to go until the end of the tournament. The club has many challenges ahead of it, and it is now important for it to be able win the Europa’ Cup.
Of course, the main goal of the Royal Club is to get to the Champions league. However the club also has a lot to do to achieve this.
For example, it has to find the right partner for the Portuguese player, and then it can be sure of a successful season. The team has a great opportunity to get out of its current situation, and to be among the top teams of the Premier League.
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Main transfer news for the season
The season of English football is in full swing, and there are a lot more interesting events to watch.
One of the most intriguing events is the transfer of the Manchester City. The Citizens have been trying to find their new striker for a long time, but they have not been able to find one who is ready for the task.
Now, the team is ready, and is ready not only for the Premier league, but for the Champions tournament as well, because it has a very good lineup.
Many fans are looking forward to the transfer, because they want to see the return of Sergio Aguero to the team, who is one of its main stars.
As for the transfer itself, the Citizens have already signed a number players, who will help the team in the near future. Among them, we can highlight:
* Keita Balde;
* Youri Tielemans;
* Keita.
These players are able to help the club win the Premier championship, and will be able, together with the club’’, to get closer to the European cups.
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Latest news on Manchester City
The Citizens have a number problems, and are not able to compete with the leaders of the championship. However this season, they have a great lineup, and many players are ready to do their best in every match. The players have already managed not to miss a single match, and now it is their turn to show their skills.
Among the main stars of the team are:
1. Sergio Aguerroes.
2. David Silva.

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