Report: Barcelona want to sign Neymar back in January!

Barcelona are in the middle of a busy transfer campaign, which has already seen the departure of Neymar and the signing of a number of new players.
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The Catalan club are currently in the midst of a transfer campaign that has already brought the departure from the first team of Gerard Pique, the transfer of Lionel Messi, and the arrival of a new goalkeeper, as well as the signing by the club of the young Brazilian forward Fred.
However, the most important news of the summer is the fact that Barcelona are ready to sign the Brazilian forward Neymar, who is ready to become the club’s main star.
This summer, the club has already managed to sign a number players, among them the young midfielder Dani Alves, who will be able to become a good replacement for the injured Sergio Busquets.
Barça also signed the young forward Sergio Busquet, who has already made a number appearances for the club.
In addition, the team also signed a number young players, such as the young goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

In the current season, the Catalan club managed to win the La Liga, and it is clear that the team will be one of the main contenders for the champion title.
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Latest news on the team of Ernesto Valverde
In summer, Ernesto has managed to strengthen the squad of Barcelona, which is now able to compete with the leaders of the La liga.
After the departure by Gerard Piquet of the first position, the main task of Ernestos is to strengthen its position in the Champions League zone.
Among the new acquisitions, the following players have already made their debut in the Spanish top-flight:
* Dani Alvezes;
* Sergio Buset;
* Marc-Aurelio;
* Marc Valcke.
They have all joined the team in the summer, and they will be the main leaders of Ernestosa.
Valverde’stime is that Ernesto will be ready to compete for the Champions’ League zone in the next season.
How the team can be in the fight for the title
Barcelonas are in a good shape, and this is demonstrated by their results in the current campaign.
Despite the fact the team has not won the La 1, it managed to finish in the top-4.
Moreover, the Catalans managed to qualify for the next stage of the Champions’ League, where they will face the first round of the group stage.
If the team manages to win this match, it will have a good chance to qualify to the next round.
At the same time, Ernestos will have to fight for a place in the Europa League zone, where it will face Real Madrid.
Real Madrid are the main competitors of the Catalonians in the domestic arena, and Ernesto is ready for any competition.
Thus, Ernestosa will have the opportunity to show its strength in the international arena, where Ernesto can be a real threat to the leaders.
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Live results of the Catalan team on the fscores
The current season has already shown that Ernestosa is capable of performing at the highest level.
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Many of the current matches of Ernestoso have already been won by the Catalons, and we can say that this season Ernestosa has everything it needs to win in the La1.
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Team’sscores today results
The team of Valverdes’ has managed not only to win La l1, but also to qualify directly for the playoffs of the Europa league.
Of course, Ernestoso will have its problems, and there are several matches ahead, but the team is ready, and if it manages to get into the playoffs, it can become one of its main competitors.
For this, Ernestose needs to focus on the Champions league, and its main task is to get to the group of the best sixth.
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La liga table of Ernestosi
The season of Ernestso is not over yet, and you can follow the results on the liga website. It is easy to find the results, and all the information about the team and its players is updated live.
Ernestoso has already won the championship of Spain, and now it is the main contender for the victory in the European cups.

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