Atletico Madrid transfer news today.

The Spanish La Liga is one of the most exciting championships in the world. The team of Diego Simeone is one the most successful in the history of the tournament. This is not surprising, because the team has a very good lineup, which is able to play at a high level.
In the summer, the team underwent a lot of changes, which can be seen in the transfer market. The main transfer was the signing of the Spanish midfielder Dani Alves. The player is a young player, who has already managed to become a leader of the team.

The player is able not only to play in the middle line, but also to play on the left wing. This allows the team to have a wide range of options. The transfer of the player can be considered a success, because it is a good addition to the lineup.
However, it is important to note that the team still needs to strengthen the position of the main striker. The club is still searching for the right person to fill the position, which was occupied by Cristiano Ronaldo.
Of course, the player has already left the team, but it is still possible that he will be able to return to the team in the near future. This will allow the club to get the maximum out of the transfer.
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Today, the transfer of a striker is not a simple matter. The position of a player is very important for the team and the club. The striker has to be able not to miss the ball and score goals.
It is very difficult to find the right player for the position. It is especially difficult to choose a player who is able, at the same time, to score goals and not to be a burden to the club in the long run.
This is why it is very interesting to follow the transfers of the club, because they are always a good opportunity to learn more about the team’s lineup. The latest news about the club can be found on the sports statistics website.
La Liga table of the last season
The season of the English Premier League has come to its end. The last rounds of the championship were very interesting for the fans of the competition.
At the end of the season, the main struggle was between the teams of Manchester City and Liverpool. The latter was able to win the title, but the club was not able to do it alone.
Liverpool was not the only club that was able not just to win, but to do so in the best possible way. The Champions League was won by the team of Manchester United, who managed to finish in the top 4.
Despite the fact that the season ended with the victory of the Red Devils, the club managed to get into the Champions League zone. This was a great achievement for the club and the fans.
Manchester City was not as successful as Liverpool. Despite the fact the club won the title in the English Championship, it was not enough to get to the Champions league zone.
Also, the season was not without its failures. The failure of the Citizens in the Champions cup was a real disappointment. The squad of Manuel Pellegrini was not strong enough to win a trophy.
If we talk about the failures of the City, they are not so serious, because in the end, the Citizens were not able not get into a higher level of the league. However, the fans were disappointed with the failure of their favorite team. They were not satisfied with the results of the squad, and the team was not in the form that it was capable of winning trophies.
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What happened in the EPL table?
The previous season, Manchester City was the main contender for the title. The Citizens were able to finish the season in the first position of English football. However they were not the main favorite of the entire tournament.
Many teams were able compete against the Citizens, but only one of them was able win the trophy. This fact is very significant, because many teams were not in a position to win gold medals.
City was not only able to get a place in the elite division, but they were also able to make it to the top-4. However this was not a result of their own strength. The players of the Manchester City team were very tired of the struggle, and they did not show their best game.
They were not ready to fight for the victory. However the team managed to win one of its trophies. This victory was the victory in the League Cup.
After the end the season of 2017/18, the City had a lot to do. The first step was the acquisition of a new goalkeeper. The new goalkeeper was the choice of Manuel Reina, who was the head coach of the previous season.
Reina is a very experienced coach, who is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his players. He managed to find a good goalkeeper, who will be a great addition to his squad.
Now, the new goalkeeper will be ready to start the new season. The goalkeeper will have to be replaced by the one who was already in the squad. The choice of the new player is not an easy one, because he is a goalkeeper.
He is also a young goalkeeper, and he has to prove himself in the new situation.

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