Still no agreement in Arsenal-Sanchez talks

Arsenal are ready to sell Alexis Sanchez, but the Spanish midfielder has a number of demands from the Gunners.
The Gunners have already made a number offeres for the player, and it is clear that they are ready for the sale of Sanchez.
However, the player’s representatives have not yet come to an agreement with the Gunns.
Alexis Sanchez has been playing for the Gunner’ for a few years, but he has not yet managed to become a real star.
He has scored a few goals, but not many.
Many people have already criticized the player for his lack of motivation, but Arsenal fans are not satisfied with this.
They are demanding a new contract for Sanchez, as well as a transfer fee for the purchase of the player.

It is also worth noting that Arsenal have already bought a number players who are able to fill the gap left by Sanchez. Among them are:
* Lacazette;
* Monreal;
* Aubameyang.
These players are able not only to provide a new impetus to the team, but also to strengthen the defense.
It will be interesting to watch the future of the Gunnarsson, as he will have to prove himself in the Premier League.
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Live football results of the championship
The season of the Premier league is in full swing, and the football results are already becoming more interesting.
This is especially true for the live football results, as the matches are held in a different format.
In the first rounds, the matches were held in the evening, but now they are held at the same time.
Also, the live soccer results are becoming more and more interesting, as it is possible to watch them on the website of sports statistics.
All the latest results of matches
The Premier league started very well, and already the first round showed that the matches will be held in full.
There are a lot of interesting matches ahead, and many of them are not going to be easy.
One of the most intriguing matches is the one between Manchester United and Liverpool.
Both teams are in the middle of the standings, but they are not at the top.
Liverpool is in the Champions League zone, but it is not going well, as they have lost a lot.
Manchester United are in a very difficult position, as their rivals are very strong.
Among them, we can highlight:
• Chelsea;
• Tottenham Hotspur;
· Arsenal;
and, of course, Liverpool.
The Merseysiders are in very poor shape, and they are in danger of not getting into the Champions league.
Despite this, the team is still in the top 4, and this is a great achievement for the team.
United have a number matches ahead against Liverpool, and if they lose, they will lose a lot, but if they win, they can be in the European Cup zone.
If the team does not manage to get into the top-4, then it will be extremely difficult for them to get out of the group stage.
But the team has a lot to play for, as many of its rivals are in bad shape.
Thus, the Reds can still get into a higher position, but only if they can win a lot against their main rivals.
What to expect from the match between Liverpool and Manchester United?
The match between the Reds and the Mancunians was a very tense one, and there were a lot confrontations.
As a result, the game ended in a draw.
That is why the score was 2:2.
At the beginning of the match, the Makers dominated the game, and a lot was expected from them.
Of course, the Red Devils were not in the best shape, but in the end, they were able to get a lot out of it.
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Visit the website to find out the latest information from the game.
Arsenal’sspending on Sanchez
The team is in a difficult situation, as its rivals have a lot more experience.
Therefore, they are able now to get the best out of their players.
Such is the case with Alexis Sanchez. The player has a contract with the club, but many players are unhappy with the way the player is treated.
So, many players have already left the team and joined other clubs.
Now, the Gunni are in desperate need of a new player, as Sanchez is the main player of the team now.
Moreover, the club is in need of strengthening the defense, as Arsenal has a very weak position in the standings.
Will the team be able to strengthen it?
It can be done, but this will require a lot from the club.
Otherwise, the situation will become even worse, as there are a number rivals who are stronger than the Gunnies.
For this reason, the players of the club are ready now to sell the player to a higher club. However, it is necessary to make sure that the transfer fee is not too high.
Other clubs have already paid a lot for the same player.

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