Gundogan: It will be a tough season for City

Manchester City’s season is already in the middle of the championship, and the team is already showing its weaknesses.
The main problem of the team at the moment is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready to fight for the champion title and the victory in the FA Cup.
It is clear that the team needs to improve its results in order to compete for the title. This is why the club will have to do its best to win the next season.

The club’ leaders are not able to demonstrate their maximum at the right moment. The main problem is the fact that the players are tired of playing for the club. This situation is aggravated by the fact they are playing for their lives.
For the club, it is necessary to make some changes in the lineup. The coach will have a lot of chances to do this, because the squad is already quite good.
However, the club needs to do everything in order not to lose points in matches against weaker teams. The team needs time to rest and to improve the results.
If the club manages to achieve the desired results, it will be able to get into the top 4. This will be extremely difficult, because there are a lot more matches ahead.
City’ squad is quite strong, but it is not enough to compete with the main favorites of the tournament.
All Premier League live scores
The Premier League is a competition that is extremely difficult to win. The teams are constantly changing, and this means that the outcome of the matches can change at any moment.
This is especially true in the current season, when many teams are in a crisis. The leaders are constantly losing points, and it is becoming more and more difficult to make it to the next round.
In the current campaign, the leaders of the Premier League are:
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Manchester City.
Each of them is very strong, and each of them can be considered a favorite of the season. The first three clubs have a good chance of winning the title, and they are also the main contenders for the victory at the end of the campaign.
Chelsea and Arsenal have already won the Premier league, but they have not yet managed to win it. The Blues have a very difficult task ahead of them, because they have to fight against the Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.
Arsenal is the team that has the best chances of winning. The Gunners have already managed to get the title of the Champions League, and now they are trying to win gold medals in the Premier and Champions Leagues.
Manchester United and Chelsea are also very strong teams, but their chances of getting into the Champions league zone are also quite good, too.
At the moment, the Premier is the most important tournament of the English season, and there are only a few matches left. The current campaign has already shown that the Premier can be won by the strongest teams, so the teams have a chance to get to the Champions club.
Who will be the favorites of next season?
The current season of the EPL is very interesting. The top 4 is very difficult to predict, because it is very unstable. The clubs are constantly fighting for the place in the Champions or Premier league zone, and so far, the results of the struggle are not in their favor.
There are a number of factors that can affect the final outcome of matches. Among them are:
* the level of the teams;
* the level and quality of the players;

* injuries of the leaders.
Of course, there are also other factors that will affect the outcome, but these are the most obvious ones.
So far, it has not been possible to predict the winner of the next EPL, because each match is very unpredictable.
Livescore today of the most interesting matches
The livescore today is a great opportunity to follow the results from the matches that are held at the same time.
Among the most intriguing matches of the current EPL season, there is a match between Manchester United, who are in the midst of a crisis, and Chelsea.
Both teams have very good players, and both of them have a great chance of getting to the top four.
United has a good lineup, but the team lacks motivation. This problem is aggravated because the team has a number on it.
Many leaders are injured, and many players are in their 30s. The situation is not good for the team, and its results are not good. The results of matches are not always in the favor of the club and its leaders.
However the team still has a chance, because a lot can change in a short time. The season is long, and a lot will depend on the results in the next matches.
Live scores of the upcoming matches
It has already been a long time since the last victory of the Red Devils. The previous season, the team did not have a single victory in a row.
Now, the players of the United are not motivated, and their results are worse than before.
Despite the fact, that the club has a lot to do, it still has chances to get out of the crisis.
One of the main problems of the Blues is the injury of many leaders. This means that many players have to play without them for a long period of time.

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