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The Tottenham Hotspurs are one of the main favorites of the Champions League, but they are not the only team that can be considered a favorite of the tournament. The Parisians are also a strong contender for the title, but their chances are not so high.
The Spurs are a team that is able to play with the strongest teams in the world. The main competitor of the Spurs is the PSG, which is the main contender for gold medals in the French championship.
This summer, the Parisians have strengthened their lineup significantly. The following players have joined the team:
* Sandro, who is able not only to provide an attacking style of play, but also to distribute the ball well.
* Eto’o, who has been playing for the team for several years.
However, the main trump of the Parisian team is the selection of the players on the field. The team has a good number of leaders, who can decide the fate of the game in a match.

The Parisians will be able to fight for the gold medals for a long time. The first matches of the season showed that the team is capable of winning, and now it is up to the fans to support the team in the fight for gold.
You can follow the progress of the team on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in live mode. The information about the team’s results is updated regularly, so you will not miss anything important.
PSG vs Tottenham live score
The first matches that PSG have played in the Champions league, the team has not been able to win. The previous season, the squad of Thomas Tuchel was able to take the first place, but this time the team does not have such a high level of performance.
In the first matches, the players of the French team were not able to show their maximum, and the team lost several matches. The last time the Paris club won the Champions cup was in 2015.
Despite the fact that the players have not been playing in the best condition, the coach of the squad is confident about the results of the upcoming matches.
“We will try to win the next match,” Tuchel told the press. “We have not played for a couple of years, so we have to do our best. We will try not to lose points.”
The coach of Paris is confident that the squad can win the Champions Cup, but the team needs to work on the results in the matches with other teams.
Tottenham vs PSGCap live score today
The main competitor for the trophy of the champion title is the Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are one the main contenders for the champion’ title for a number of reasons.
1. The strength of the lineup. The Tottenham team has an excellent selection of players, which allows the coach to make the most of the strengths of his players.
2. The motivation of the leaders. The leaders of the Tottenham team are very motivated, which helps them to perform at their best.
3. The experience of the coaches. Tuchel has been working with the team since the beginning of the current season, so he knows how to motivate the players. This summer, he has strengthened the lineup significantly, which will help the team to fight in the next season.
At the moment, the Spurs are the main favorite of all tournaments in which they participate. The club has a high potential, and this is why they are able to compete with the best teams in Europe.
Live score of the matches of Tottenham Hotspot
The team has been performing very well in the English championship, and they are now considered to be one of its main competitors. The current season has already shown that the Spurs have a high chance of winning the title.
Of course, the club is not the favorite of every tournament, but it is a strong team that has the potential to win gold medals.
It is important for the club to win in the EPL, because it is the most prestigious club tournament in the country. The season is not over yet, and it is still possible to see the Spurs in the top positions of the championship. The players will have to show themselves in the remaining matches, and if they do not, then the club will have a hard time to win a lot of trophies.
All live scores of the tournaments of the English Premier League
The current season of the Premier League has already showed that it is possible to count on the victory in the championship of England. The results of matches of Manchester United and Chelsea were not so convincing, and both teams were forced to play in the Europa League.
Among the favorites of this season, Liverpool is the strongest. The Reds have a good lineup, which can be used to fight against the other teams in England.
Liverpool is a team with a high motivation, which has already won the Premier league. The coach of Liverpool is Jurgen Klopp, who knows how important the Champions trophy is for the season. The Liverpool players are confident about their chances of winning gold medals, and in the future they will try their best to win it.
Follow the development of the events of the club on the sports statistics website, where all the information about matches is updated live.

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